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Geauga County Board of Health
appointed by the Health District Advisory Council (HDAC)
D. Gragg, R. Piraino, C. Whitright, P. Levan, L. Roman
Health Commissioner
T. Quade

Population Health

Director of Nursing
C. Wyers
(Contract) Medical Director
B. Moritz
Planning & Communications Chief
T. Matteo
Public Health Nurse
C. Straniero
Public Health Nurse
Q. Mbe
Health Educator
Health Educator
J. Gearhart


Programmatic Areas:  Communicable Disease Control and Investigation, Emergency Preparedness Planning, Immunizations. TB and Lead Screening, Children with Medical Handicaps home visits, Well Child Clinics, Health Education community programming, Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Planning processes.


Director of Administration
A. Wendell
(Contract) Admin. Consultant
A. Litke
Fiscal Coordinator
K. Johnson
Clerical Specialist
N. Tvergyak
Clerical Specialist
B. Kelly
Clerical Specialist
S. Schulte
Clerical Specialist
L. Reilly
Clerical Specialist
C. Toth
Clerical Specialist
S. Carroll


Programmatic Areas:  Fiscal Coordination, HR administrative support, Vital Records and Burial Permit issuance, clerical support for Environmental Health Programs, clerical support for Population Health Programs, clerical support for Board and Health Commissioner.

Environmental Health

Director of Environmental Health
D. Sage
Registered Sanitarian
E. Robb
Registered Sanitarian
A. O'Brien
Registered Sanitarian
Z. Myers
Registered Sanitarian
M. Kruggel
Registered SIT
Registered SIT
M. Citriglia
Plumbing Inspector
G. Duncan


Programmatic Areas:  Food Safety, Plumbing permitting and inspections; Private Water Systems, Private Septage programs, HB110, Public Pools and Spas, Solid Waste, Nuisances, School Environments, Animal Bites.