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For Sale of Property Regulation

The For Sale of Property Regulation is a portion of Geauga Public Health supplemental HSTS regulations. The For Sale of Property Regulations protect home purchasers and the community from failures in private sewage systems. The regulation requires that any home with an existing household sewage systems have the system inspected by a Geauga Public Health Registered Sanitarian at time of sale to ensure proper operation of the system. This only applies to private household sewage systems, not homes that convey sewage to a central wastewater treatment plant.

You can review the For Sale of Property Regulations and the property checklist. The Application and Waiver Form must be signed by the homeowner and submitted with payment to Geauga Public Health. . Prior to the inspection some of the components of the existing septic system need to be uncovered. 

Household Sewage Laws and Rules Enforced

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