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The Environmental Health Division accepts general nuisance complaints

The Environmental Health Division accepts general nuisance complaints from the public. The complaint MUST be made in writing and provide specific information regarding the complaint, including the exact location of the problem, the owner of the problem if known, a description of the complaint, the complainants name, address and telephone number in case we need to contact them. All efforts are made to keep the personal information of the complainant confidential.

The Environmental Health Division responds to complaints of environmental conditions that may pose a threat to public health. The department will evaluate each situation and determine the exact threat and attempt to educate the persons concerned while getting them to remove or abate the nuisance condition.

If failure to comply to recommendations of the department are not followed, the Board of Health will conduct administrative hearings ordering actions to be taken. Failure to comply with the Board of Health will result in the case being directed to the Geauga County Prosecutor's office for legal action.

Nuisance Complaint Form

Regulations Enforced

There are numerous state, local and county regulations that may apply to a nuisance complaint.

The Board of Health of the Geauga Public Health is granted authority under the Ohio Revised Code Section 3709.21 to make such orders and regulations as necessary for the public health, the prevention or restriction of disease, and the prevention, abatement, or suppression of nuisances.

A general overview of nuisance under Ohio Revised Code can be found here: ORC Chapter 3767: Nuisances