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Operation and Maintenance Program

In 2015, new guidance was implemented requiring health departments to establish an operation and maintenance permitting program for sewage treatment systems. The purpose of the revision is to ensure that systems are being maintained properly, not causing a public health nuisance and to help educate homeowners.

 Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-19

“The board of health shall develop a program for the administration of O&M management for STS and GWRS and system owner education in compliance with division (A)(7) of section 3718.02 of the Revised Code and this chapter.”


Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-09(I)

No person shall operate a STS or a type 2, 3 or 4 GWRS without an approved and valid operation permit from the board of health. The owner and/or a responsible management entity when applicable, shall comply with the terms and condition of the permit.
Operation and Maintenance Program Presentation

Operation and Maintenance Program Presentation Presented by: Ashley Winters, MS, REHS



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